EgonCoin Testnet Stack

(The purpose of testnet coin is to TEST the new coin before main use)

What Is EgonCoin (EGC)
EgonCoin (EGC) is a public blockchain building to become the go-to infrastructure platform for a decentralized ecosystem.

It all stated February 2021 as a mobile community of 3 million users plus achieved using Binance Smart Chain and Eagle Network within months.

Since then the project has grown to create it native blockchain using a form of DPoS called Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS) as the main difference is EgonChain do not have delegation but instead implemented a secondary staking contract for holders to earn a passive income with the Elevated Staking Contract built ontop EgonCoin. EPoS is DPoS but with a fixed supply. DPoS do not offer fixed supply

Elevated Stake DApp

This is the protocol coded to effectively replaced the block reward as EGC supply is hard coded and fixed at maximum 271 million, hence block reward is zero that guarantees no increase of supply. 51 Elevators takes turns to validate blocks and transactions on the network.

EgonCoin is EVM compatible network, which means applications running on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain can be ported into EgonCoin on the fly. EgonCoin supports smart contracts and decentralized Dapps

EGC is designed to be used as main utility on the EgonChain and will play an important role in the upcoming Egon Self Custody Exchange.

EGC powers the EgonChain as its native chain token, hence it is used to pay fees, issue new tokens, send, transfer assets and interact with Dapps.

EGC Burn Mechanism
Development team implements a burning mechanism leading to periodic reductions in its total supply taking place every 3 months. Maximum EGC supply of 271 million is reduced by this burning until the supply is further reduced

EgonWallet App
EgonWallet is first self-custody wallet dedicated to new EgonCoin Blockchain assets. During testnet of EgonCoin Blockchain it will be used to send and receive EGC and tokens created on the EgonChain network

Free Testnet Coins
Get free 100 EGC each day here. Share your EGC coin to family and friends and top-up next day. You need to test the blockchain by sending 3 EGC to as many people as possible. The more people who participate on Testnet the better valuation at mainnet. Get big reward after sending to 100 people!!!

Transaction Explorer
Check EGC and tokens live balance, track and verify transactions on EgonCoin testnet Blockchain

Decentralized Exchange

This is a complete Testnet DEX to check the Decentralized functionality of the EgonCoin Blockchain. Buy/Sell/stake both EGC and tokens on the DEX powered by EgonCoin. Stake and add liquidity and farm. The testnet DEX token is “Testnet Swap Token” (TEST)

EgonCoin Staking Dapp
This is the official Testnet staking Dapp for holders of EgonCoin (EGC) to stake and earn more EGC over time. Both EGC holders and Elevators can stake and be rewarded according to amount staked and time staked. 20% from total supply is allocated for staking rewards.

EgonCoin Elevator Nodes Status
This is the EgonCoin Blockchain Testnet node Status page to see the active Elevator Nodes.

EgonCoin Documentation
This is the information and knowledge base of the EgonCoin Blockchain. All information about the project is located on this site.

EgonCoin Testnet V3 is LIVE
There is no mainnet launch date
given for EgonCoin yet!

Any date given to you by anyone is
fake and 100% speculation.
After testnet comes mainnet

Roadmap Outline Update
EgonSwap Dex
CryptoKara App
EgonSwap Token 
EgonWallet App
EgonCoin Blockchain
Egon Bitcoin Browser
Metaverse NFT 
Payment Gateway 🛠
DSocial Hub
Self Custody Exchange
Egon P2P Trading Module 🛠
Egon Transborder Payments 🛠
Egon Online Merchant Plugin 🛠
CoinVila Price Analysis Relaunch 🛠

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