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(Use EgonWallet to test EgonCoin Blockchain)

Please Read Steps Below
1). Download EgonWallet both from Apple App store and Google Play store

Android App Link

iOS App Link

after installation, make sure to save your 12 seed words phrase save and do not give it to anyone.

2). Get EgonCoin testnet coin from this site –

Free EGC Coins

3). Request for testnet EGC each day.

4). Share the EGC with friends and family

5) Test new EgonCoin Blockchain by sending TestCoin to as many people as possible and get rewarded.

6) Sharing Coins to maximum people will help us in Spreading the word “EgonCoin” as Community Support is needed.

Without Community Support No Project can Last Longer.

7) Send, Receive, Stake, Farm, Add Liquidity Using Testnet Coins.

The more you use your Testnet Coins, The more successful will be Testnet Phase.

8) After Successful Testnet Phase, Mainnet will come.

Your Support is Needed

Let’s Test “EgonCoin BlockChain”

Roadmap Outline Update
EgonSwap Dex
CryptoKara App
EgonSwap Token 
EgonWallet App
EgonCoin Blockchain
Egon Bitcoin Browser
Metaverse NFT 
Payment Gateway 🛠
DSocial Hub
Self Custody Exchange
Egon P2P Trading Module 🛠
Egon Transborder Payments 🛠
Egon Online Merchant Plugin 🛠
CoinVila Price Analysis Relaunch 🛠

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Store, send and receive cryptocurrencies using our crypto wallet app. The Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have experienced more appeal making it an exciting time to become a holder of a new Blockchain coin EgonCoin (EGC). EgonWallet is the first wallet created for EgonCoin!

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There is a dedicated support and knowledge base portal for the EgonWallet community.


Do you see the huge benefits in holding a new blockchain from the start?


EgonWallet will implement payment gateway across borders powered by EgonCoin


Users are global

The blockchain offers borderless payment solution. EgonWallet is the start of it all, building use case step by step.