Security Tips

Very important to secure your assets

12 Word Seed Phrase

This is like your password into wallet!

Your 12 word seed phrase is the 12 word security set of words known as the SEED PHRASE. Save it very well outside of your phone so you can use it to restore back your assets on another phone if need be. Do not share it with anyone. Not even with EgonWallet team.

Private keys

Like the name says, keep it private!

Private keys is another set of letters and numbers combined that gives access into your account. Do NOT share it or expose it to anyone. Not even the EgonWallet team. You can also use it to restore your assetson another phone.

Wallet Password

You need to lock with Password

Password is user added to secure and prevent anyone from accessing into your wallet assets without your knowledge. This is the words you add when installing and creating your wallet. Always remember your password. If you cannot remember your password you can restore your assets by using your 12 word seed phrase to restore.


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