How to Install EgonWallet App [Android Version]

Posted on 2022-11-25 Updated on 2022-11-25

Very Important: Download EgonWallet App From App Stores Only!

  • ❌ Do not Download EgonWallet from anywhere other than the official app store appropriate to your device/OS.
  • ❌ Fake versions of EgonWallet are out there that are programmed to record your Secret Recovery Phrase as soon as it's generated.
  • ✅ To avoid falling victim to these scams, download the official EgonWallet app from the app store on your device and not from any other source.

Steps To Install the EgonWallet Android Version on Your Device:

1. Open Android PlayStore,  and search "EgonWallet" in the search bar.

2. Install EgonWallet Android Version App to your device.

3. Complete the installation process.

4. Once installed, open the EgonWallet App, and you can proceed to "Create Your Wallet".

5. Save Your 12 Words and Secret Password Phrase somewhere SAFE And OFFLINE. 

6. ✅ Remember! PLEASE Save Your Password phrase safely. If you forget/lose this password phrase, you will not be able to recover your wallet and assets.

7. ✅ Password Phrase is Secret and the ONLY Way To Restore/Login to your wallet.

❌ Be VERY CAREFUL that you don't install a fake EgonWallet app from other sources..

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