EgonWallet Welcome Back! (Screen Password Page)

Posted on 2022-11-26 Updated on 2022-11-27

Welcome Back To EgonWallet!

    This Article Learning Points:

      • About EgonWallet Password Page after installation, and every time you open the Wallet App on your device.
      • Password to unlock the wallet.
      • Forget Password? Can't log in, You can Erase Your Wallet and set up the new one.

        About EgonWallet "Password Page" After Installation & Everytime You Open the App:

        As shown in the below image, this is the "Password Page" of the EgonWallet after installation. And then, you open the app on your device.

        • You have to Enter the Password to unlock the wallet
        • The Password is the same one you set while creating the wallet and is used to unlock your wallet on your device. 
        • So that you need NOT enter the Password Phrase every time on the same device,
        • You MUST enter your wallet password, which you have set during wallet creation.
        • You MUST remember your wallet password.

        Forget Password? Can't log in, You can Erase Your Wallet and set up the new one:

        On First Page, there is an option Forget Password? Can't log in, You CAN Erase Your Wallet and set up the new one.

        If you click on set up a new one, you can read the "CONFIRMATION" message as shown in the image below.

        If you want to Delete ALL, have NO password phrase, and want to erase all previous wallets,

        Click on "Erase and Continue."

        • Remember:  Always SAVE your 12-word secret password phrase and private keys, and your device unlocks your wallet password SAFE. If you forget these, you will find a HARD time to regain your wallet and funds. So BE Sure You keep the password phrase SAFE!
        • There is NO Chance of recovering your device screen and 12-word password phrases if you lost or forgot it!

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